Basic PSA

Mobile Onsite Inventory

For Plants utilizing Basic-PSA, Inc.’s on-site Snubber Service Group, Basic-PSA offers the “on-site snubber spare parts inventory” to better assist your utility with immediate guaranteed availability of snubber spare parts. This service is provided on-site during critical outage schedules. This service eliminates the need to carry costly inventory in the non-outage season as well as the worries of shipping time and product availability when a snubber program is at its most critical point.


  • Guarantees snubber parts at a minutes notice.
  • Eliminates the need to carry excessive amounts of costly inventory.
  • Pay for only what you use.

Prior to arriving on-site to support your snubber program, a representative from Basic-PSA will work closely with your utility to customize a mobile inventory to best suit the needs of your snubber program.

You only pay for what you use!