Basic PSA


As the “original equipment manufacturer” of the PSA Mechanical Snubber, Basic-PSA, Inc. leads the power industry in supporting snubber programs. The Basic-PSA service group is well known throughout the industry for mechanical and hydraulic snubber support. Basic-PSA, Inc. staffs a complete group of elite factory trained certified technicians to successfully meet the requirements of your snubber program.

Basic-PSA can supply turn-key support to your utility’s snubber program including:

  •  Functional Test Equipment & Testing Services for Large & Small Bore Snubbers
  • Work Procedures
  • Mechanical & Hydraulic Snubber Refurbishment
  • Snubber Removal & Reinstallation Personnel
  • VT-3 Inspectors Personnel
  • Quality Control Personnel

Basic-PSA can also provide partial support to your snubber program, depending on what your utility already has in place. By working directly with plant maintenance and engineering personnel, Basic-PSA will pre-determine the needs and customize a service contract to support your snubber program.