Basic PSA

35 & 100 Stroking Tool

Basic PSA Stroking Tool, ST – 35100

The above Stroking Tool, ST – 35100, has a maximum rigging/lifting load rating of 1,000 pounds.

The load must be balanced between two lifting points for lifting or rigging.

The bolts used to tighten the roller chain should be fully threaded into the bolt block, and then backed off 1″.  After securing the roller chain around the body of the snubber to be stroked, the bolts should be torqued to a value of 10 foot-pounds. This torque is sufficient to stroke a properly functioning snubber.

Always attach the roller chain cover prior to stroking/rigging/lifting.

After one end of the snubber is pinned in place, a maximum load of 500 pounds may be applied to one lifting point in order to raise or lower the free end of the snubber.