Basic PSA

PSA NRRG-2 Snubber Grease

Nuclear Radiation Resistant Grease

  • Tested and Proven in both Radiation and High Temperature Environments
  • Expected radiation resistance is 3 x 10 9 Rads
  • Recommended Temperature Range: – 22 º F to 347 ° F
  • Supplied in Accordance with Basic-PSA, Inc.’s 10CFR50 Appendix B Program
  • Recommended Shelf Life: 10 Years
  • Available in 1 Pound Sealed Containers

Basic-PSA, Inc. is the exclusive supplier of PSA-NRRG-2.
Shipping: FOB Johnstown, PA
Delivery: 2 weeks from receipt of purchase order, or sooner.


Grant Nelson
Basic-PSA Field Service & Sales Office
P.O. Box 753, Kennebunk, Maine 04043
Office: 207-985-7550
Fax: 207-985-8042

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