Basic PSA

PSA Mechanical Snubber

The Basic-PSA, Inc. Mechanical Snubber is used to prevent shock forces from causing damaging motions in piping systems. The snubber controls such motion by becoming a load carrying member between the piping and structure the instant a force sufficient to cause abnormal motion is initiated. However, for normal thermal motion, the snubber telescopes freely in either direction through its operating stroke.

mech s1Mechanical Snubber

The Basic-PSA, Inc. Mechanical Snubber operates on the principle of limiting the acceleration of any pipe movement to a threshold level of .02 g’s. This is the maximum acceleration that the snubber will permit the piping to see. Should a disturbance attempt to accelerate the pipe in either direction, a braking force will be applied within the snubber of whatever magnitude required limiting the acceleration to a value less than .02 g’s. At the same time, thermal expansion, being a gradual movement, is not restricted.

Basic-PSA, Inc. Mechanical Snubber Model Sizes

Model Size

Maximum Load

Stroke /Travel

PSA-1/4 350 Lbs. 4.0 “
PSA-1/2 650 Lbs. 2.5 “
PSA-1 1,500 Lbs 4.0 “
PSA-1 L 1,487 Lbs 8.0 “
PSA-3 6,000 Lbs 5.0 “
PSA-3 L 6,000 Lbs 10.0 “
PSA-10 15,000 Lbs 6.0 “
PSA-10 L 14,400 Lbs 12.0 “
PSA-35 50,000 Lbs 6.0 “
PSA-35 L 50,000 Lbs 12.0 “
PSA-35 XL 35,000 Lbs 18.0 “
PSA-100 120,000 Lbs 6.0 “
PSA-100 L 120,000 Lbs 12.0 “
PSA-100 XL 100,000 Lbs 18.0 “